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Duty of disclosure

RSN Law firm is located in Kgs. Nytorv 28, 1. floor, 1050 Kbh K.

The telephone number is +4530117766, and the e-mail address is rsn@rsnadvokatfirma.dk. The website address is www.rsnadvokatfirma.dk./.com.

The law firm is a sole proprietorship and has the CVR number 40254374.

Rasmus Smith Nielsen is appointed by the Minister of Justice of Denmark and is a member of the Danish Bar Association.

RSN Law firm has taken out legal liability and guarantee insurance with HDI Denmark in accordance with the rules laid down by the Danish Bar Association. The liability insurance covers all legal activities, regardless of where the legal activities are carried out.

The auditor is Revisions- og Rådgivningsgruppen Holbæk.

In the event of a bank’s bankruptcy, depositors are covered under the Depositors’ and Investors’ Guarantee Scheme Act. The guarantee fund covers an eligible depositor’s funds up to an amount equal to €100,000 (approximately €750,000). The coverage maximum applies to the total deposit in the bank, even if the money is held in different accounts, including both client bank accounts and own accounts.

Special rules apply to real estate deposits if the real estate has been used or is intended to be used mainly for non-business purposes. Here, amounts up to €10 million are covered until 12 months after the amount was deposited, and regardless of whether the deposit is held in a separate account. More information on the guarantee scheme is available on the Guarantee Fund’s website www.gii.dk.

No choice of law and/or jurisdiction clauses are used.

It is always assessed, whether the client is eligible for legal aid coverage or free legal aid.

RSN Law firm is subject to the supervisory and disciplinary system of the Danish Bar Association and to the rules of good legal practice, cf. Section 126 of the Code of Judicial Procedure, cf. the Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules can be found at www.advokatsamfundet.dk.

In the event of a dispute concerning the fee charged by RSN Law firm and/or dissatisfaction with the conduct of RSN Law firm, the client may complain about the amount of the fee and/or the conduct to Board of Advocates, Crown Princess Street 28, 1306 Copenhagen K, www.advokatnaevnet.dk.