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Anti-bribery policy

RSN Law firm may not receive gifts from or give gifts to public officials, employees of clients or politicians, unless the gift is of a trivial nature such as a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a beer. RSN Law firm may give customary gifts in the private sphere to public servants, employees of clients or politicians on the occasion of, for example, a birthday.

It is possible for RSN Law Firm to meet with public officials, employees of corporate clients or politicians in a professional context, but influence may only be attempted on a general level and never in relation to specific cases or specific financial interests.

In all other cases, RSN Law firm will examine and comply with the guidelines laid down, for example, by the Ombudsman for public employees and politicians, or the guidelines for, for example, gifts from private business clients.

RSN Law firm will never shy away from conducting a client’s case in the best possible way or 100 percent /with all relevant legal bases and facts based on interests in relation to other clients’ cases or the possibility of achieving a favorable financial result for the firm in general. RSN Law Firm will never enter into direct or indirect collusion with public officials, other law firms, including the Permanent Legal Advisor to the Danish State (“Kammeradvokaten”), employees of corporate clients or politicians regarding legal inaction or legal activity contrary to, inter alia, Section 129 of the Code of Judicial Procedure and/or the interests of the client.

RSN Law Firm subscribes to non-corruption, lawful competition and Western freedoms with due respect for other cultures and forms of government or freedom under the law. And it is possible to participate in public political activity, including political business clubs for customary, modest payment.