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Terms of business


RSN Law firm calculates fees based on the time spent and a predetermined hourly rate. When the case or assignment is finally settled, the fee may be adjusted on the basis of parameters such as, in particular, the outcome of the case, the responsibility associated with the case or assignment and the complexity of the case or assignment.

Both private and commercial clients always receive written price and assignment information prior to the start of the case or assignment. It is possible to obtain information on the time spent at any stage of the case.

In special cases, a fixed minimum price may be agreed and an estimate of the expected cost of the task may be provided.

Long-term cases, including tax cases, or assignments will be settled on a cash or progress basis.


Cost reimbursement

In tax cases, including VAT and excise duty cases, costs are reimbursed for the conduct of both appeal and court proceedings. This means that the client does not have to pay RSN Law Firm for reasonable fees if the case is at least substantially successful, and 50 per cent of reasonable fees are in any case paid or reimbursed by the State

In criminal cases, RSN Law firm will be reimbursed its reasonable fees by the State in case of acquittal of the client.



RSN Law firm generally charges a deposit to new clients at the start of the case or assignment.

The amount is deposited in the client account as security for disbursements and fees. The deposit, like all funds clients owe us, is held in accordance with the Law Society’s rules for client accounts.


Terms of payment

Payment terms are net 10 days, after which interest is added to the invoice amount in accordance with the Interest Act.

RSN Law firm has a bank account in Jyske Bank with reg. no. 5010 and account number 0001735459.



RSN Law firms subject to confidentiality regarding the cases and clients respectively represented. This applies to all cases, and all clients can speak freely and confidently with RSN Law firm.

RSN Law firm works in accordance with the rules of professional conduct.


Mandatory information

Under the Code of Professional Conduct, RSN Law Firm is required to disclose the following:

RSN Law firm is a sole proprietorship with CVR no. 40254374 established at Kings Nytorv 28, 1., 1050 Copenhagen K. Other contact information can be found on the website

The lawyer is appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and is a member of the Danish Bar Association.

RSN Law firm is covered by liability insurance and guarantee in accordance with the rules laid down by the Law Society.

RSN Law Firm’s liability insurance and guarantee scheme is underwritten by HDI Denmark. The liability insurance covers all legal activities, regardless of where the legal activities are carried out.

RSN Law firm does not use contractual clauses concerning the applicable law and/or jurisdiction, unless this is agreed with the client.

RSN Law firm is subject to the supervisory and disciplinary system of the Danish Bar Association and to the rules on good legal practice under Section 126 of the Code of Judicial Procedure.

RSN Law firm always strives to provide legal and valuable assistance and to have an open, direct dialogue throughout the entire process, so that no doubts or unpleasant surprises arise. If there is anything you as a client are not satisfied with, you can always contact RSN Law Firm to discuss it. You also have the possibility to complain about the lawyer and/or the fee to: Board of Advocates Crown Princess Street 28 1306 Copenhagen K